Pricing & Services

Pricing for portraits, whether high school seniors, business professionals, or families starts at $299.00. It is true that most spend more than that, but that is because they want to!

If you are price shopping for the lowest cost photographer, you would go somewhere else anyway, so posting a long price list won’t help. Really.

You should look at the images on this website and determine if Cliff’s style is something that you feel can capture YOUR style. If you think there is a fit, call or email Cliff and you can talk about your image needs. He will recommend other photographers if he feels they would be a better fit for you. He will also send you to another photographer if he thinks you are more trouble than you are worth! (OK—that’s a joke—sorta.)

Pricing is on the higher end of average for the south suburban Denver area. It is definitely less than the big studios and since he schedules only one or two sessions a day, you get lots of personal attention. You will have fun and get great images.